Our Methodology ensure for:

Windows Cleaning Services:
- High Quality Cleaning;
- Saves Water;
- 100% ecological;
- 100% consistent cleaning;
- Shorter drying time;

Solar Panels Cleaning Services:

- Increased electrical output by as much as 5 to 30%;
- Removal of build-up of dirt and debris and potential damage to solar panels;
- Saves Water (Bucket Cleaning Method);
- 100% ecological;
- 100% consistent cleaning;

The Boatswain Chair

Boatswain Chair is a safe and fast way for one person to access medium and high rise buildings or structures. The operator is secured to the chair and is also connected independently to a fall arrest safety line thus ensuring compliance with work at height safety requirements. Prior training and certification by “The Institute for Work at Height” is required prior gaining and operating of these chairs.

Services Options

- Once-off Cleaning;
- Quarterly Cleaning;
- Bi-annual Cleaning;;
- Annual Cleaning;

Note: Contract Client have the following advantages:
- Enjoy preference;

Service dates are agreed between Client and NAMproff well in advance to secure booking and to avoid disappointments.